Ryda Share Deposit
$30 One-time fee

16" Bicycle
$9.99 per month

20" Bicycle
$12.99 per month

24" Bicycle
$15.99 per month


How does the program work?

It’s 3 simple steps. 1. You sign up for the program 2. We provide you a bike with complementary bike repair and services 3. You are billed a small monthly fee for the rental.


What happens if the bike is stolen or damaged?

We recommend bikes are insured against theft, either on your own household policy or through a specialist bike insurance company. If you decide not to insure the bike and if it’s stolen or broken beyond repair then you will be responsible for the retail cost of the bike less 30%.

What is the minimum rental term?

6 months.

Can I buy the bike?

You can purchase the bike at anytime. Retail value is listed on the each bike page.

What if the bike has a problem?

Kids+Bikes=FUN. But it can also lead to maintenance issues. Give us a call and we’ll do our best to help diagnose and solve the problem over the phone. If it’s something we need to repair then we’ll schedule you a time to drop it off. Most minimal repairs are all included in your monthly rental plan.

What happens if the components or tires wear out?

We will happily replace any parts that wear out due to normal use eg. tires or chains; however, failure due to abuse, will be judged on a case by case basis.

What’s different about these bikes?

We’ve done our best to make these bikes survive the roughest riders. Each bike is equipped with the following:

Tannus Tires- Your child will never experience a flat tire again.

Bash Guard- Protects the chain and helps avoid the chain falling off.

Derailleur Guard- If the bike has gears it’s got a guard to help protect the shifting.

Kickstand- Most of the bikes come equipped with a kickstand so bikes aren’t set in places where they’ll get run over.

Clear Coat- This thin clear vinyl coating is wrapped around the bike to help prevent scratches and dings that accompany the busiest of riders.

Will my bike be a new bike?

We do our best to get you a new bike when possible. We will be starting with a new fleet of bikes, but as the system evolves we will begin to reuse bikes. This means that down the road you may get a bike that has some slight wear and tear, however, they will all be fully serviced and the bike will be in great working condition.

Can I change bikes?

If you are looking to change the size of your bike then you’re in luck. You can change your size without having to pay any additional deposits but you will be responsible for the monthly fee for that model. If you are looking just to swap bikes please give us a call to check the availability of the model you want.

Do you do adult bikes?

Check back soon. We’re working on it.

Can I test the bikes before I commit?

Yes. Come into one of our participating shops and get ready to ride.

Do you rent parts or accessories?

We currently don’t rent accessories or parts. However, we’ve tried to keep prices low for easy purchasing.

How are payments made?

Payment is set up when the agreement is made and the monthly rental fee is made by credit card payment at the same time each month.

Do you offer discounts for multiple bikes?

Yes. We offer a discount when three or more bikes are being rented from us at a time.