Ryda Buyer's Guide

Ryda <p>Bicycle Buyer's Guide

Why Ryda Bicycles Picking A Bicyle
  • What Size Is Right?
  • Hand Brakes vs Coaster
  • How Many Gears Do I Need?
  • Which Frame Style Should I Buy?
Bicycle Gear


Remember your first bike? The sense of adventure and freedom? As bike store owners and bike fanatics we want every kid to have a great first-bike experience.  We’ve seen first hand how low cost kids bikes are unreliable and ruin the riding experience for kids.  On the other side high quality kids bikes aren’t affordable for every family.  With Ryda bikes we wanted to create a bike that would last and be affordable.

Our bikes solve the most common problems we have seen with kids bikes over the years.  We have built in features like Flat Proof tires, lightweight alloy frames, an anti slip chain guard, a derailleur bashguard, and high quality Shimano components.  

Tannus Tires

Every Ryda bicycle features Tannus Airless Tires. These tires never need inflating! They never go flat! They are made of a patented material that allows the tire to be ridden 5,000 miles with minimal wear guaranteed.

Mechanic Checked and Built

One of the main difference between a Ryda bicycle and a bicycle from a big box store is that every Ryda bicycle is checked over or assembled by a trained bicycle mechanic.

Buy In-Store When you buy Ryda bicycle in the store, it has been assembled by a trained bicycle mechanic.

Order Online When you order Ryda bicycles online, each bicycle is hand checked by a bicycle mechanic. They remove all the parts from the packaging, check all the parts and go through a 16 point checklist before sending the bicycle to it's new owner.

Aluminum Frames

Most department or big box store bicycles feature heavy steel frames. Ryda bicycles feature light-weight aluminum frames. These frames make it easier for your child to get started riding and will reduce fatigue on longer rides.

Quality Components

Bad components can ruin a good bicycle. Ryda bicycles only feature quality Shimano components on our bicycles.