About Us

Our love of biking runs deep and there’s nothing we love more than seeing that passion ignite in our children.  Undoubtedly you, like us, have realized that kid’s bikes have been greatly overlooked by the bike industry. Frustrated by the poor quality of department store bikes or overpriced bike shop options, we felt there had to be a more AFFORDABLE solution that didn’t neglect QUALITY.  

With nearly two decades of combined experience in the bike industry, along with experience in international trade, we knew we had to do something. We set out to develop a bike that freed parents from headaches without breaking the piggy bank.

Our inspiration to build something better started with all of our kids but became particularly meaningful when one of our founder’s son tragically passed away.  Little Ezra had an inborn love of riding and entered his first bike race at the age of one. He enjoyed riding with his family and it is one of their treasured memories. To honor Ezra and his passion for the sport we proudly put his name on every bike we sell. Our hope is that kids everywhere can enjoy the freedom, exhilaration and pure pleasure that comes from riding a bike.